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Meet the team - Daniel Simmonds

Meet the team - Daniel Simmonds


Daniel Simmonds

Name: Daniel Simmonds

Current position: Director

Favourite item from the Campus range? The Supersoft hoodie

Daniel is the longest member of the Campus team having joined in 2006 to help print t-shirts in Rupert Forsythe, founder of Campus Clothing, garage. Since then, he has done every role from customer service, to event preparation, to printing, to staff management. But even though he now holds the title of Director, he is still involved in every aspect of the company, as he explains:

“I feel it’s important to be connected to everything that’s going on, from sweeping floors and making sure areas are tidy and safe, to travelling great distances for a cup of coffee and client catch up. I joined Campus in 2006, when Rupert still ran the company, and helped print t-shirts. Campus is now very much a part of who I am.

“I am fortunate that my colleagues know the business well, so I can concentrate on finance and client meetings, which I enjoy, and work on steering the company in a direction, which allows for growth and diversity in all areas we operate, but it’s still important to be involved in all areas from time to time.

“Graduation is such an important part of a student’s university experience and we are lucky to play a role in that special day. We have to make sure our service is second to none as not only are we offering a chance for a memento of the student’s time and massive achievement of study, but our sales provide a fundraiser for the institution.

“We are proud to offer the service we do and to hear people remark on the quality of the merchandise and to see their amazement at the fact their name is on the garments.”


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