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Giving back to each university and their students

Giving back to each university and their students


Campus Clothing

Campus Clothing is proud to give a percentage of every sale back to the institution where that sale took place.

A percentage of every sale is given straight back to the university to use it how they see fit. Many universities use it to make improvements to the graduation ceremonies for future student cohorts, while some use it for student bursaries and funding award schemes.

 In 2019, this activity raised £131,000 for Campus Clothing clients across the UK.

 Daniel Simmons, Director of Campus Clothing, said: “This is an extremely important aspect of our business, and something we have done for a long time and will continue to do.

 “We are especially proud and honoured that some universities choose to invest these funds into student bursary schemes. To know that our funds are being used to help students that may not be able to pay for university, still have the opportunity to experience it, is very rewarding to us.” 

 The University of Hull has put the Campus donation towards its bursary scheme.   

 Gill Anderson, Graduation Ceremonies Manager at the University of Hull, said: “Bursaries are incredibly important to allow people the opportunity to pursue a university degree – for some a bursary or grant is the only way they will be able to come to university. We are very grateful for the donations from Campus Clothing, which allow us to fund more talented students and enable them to expand their skills and critical thinking.”

 Campus is also proud to support local charities. Over the years this has been through various fundraising activities. 

 One such charity is the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. On average the Ambulance’s critical care paramedics, trauma doctors and pilots fly three missions per day. In addition, the charity also operates The Children’s Air Ambulance, a national service, changing the face of paediatric care through the high-speed transfer of critically ill children and flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care.

 Campus Clothing has donated old stock or slightly imperfect garments to the Air Ambulance, which either re-sells them in their charity shops or abroad, where people who are less fortunate are able to buy quality warm items.

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