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It’s all about the print

It’s all about the print


Campus Clothing

Since 1992, Campus Clothing has been printing t-shirts and hoodies to celebrate Unviersity graduation ceremonies around up and down the country.

It started with one batch of t-shirts but over the years, the range has grown and grown and now includes polo shirts, sweatshirts, baseball t-shirts and the classic supersoft hoodie.

Printing methods

A key element of product is the printing. Campus uses the best technology to ensure the printing on every single garment is crisp and clear. All items are printed in-house by the Campus team and we use different printing methods depending on what’s needed.

 Vinyl printing – this uses specialist cutters and software to create block colour artwork.

  1. Transfer printing – extensively developed specialist paper and printers are used for a lasting and vibrant full colour print.
  2. Transfer White Printing – this is new to Campus this year. It uses very specialist paper and is like Transfer printing but uses white toner and bespoke software.
  3. DyeSub Mug printing – this gets a clean cut finish on the classic mug.
  4. Screen printing – the ink is laid down onto garments, which is great for bulk printing for events and can handle lots of colours. This technology has been around for the longest.

For all of the above printing, we use specialist professional paper and heat presses, which are designed to be extremely precise so the final quality of the print is the very best.

We can also do embroidery for small detailed work but for tiny detail, we use screen or transfer printing.

Most of the items we take to Graduation events as well as large orders are printed using screen print but we do print items indvidually. Usually, these are products from historical orders – some of the artwork dates back to 1992!

Campus holds the stock onsite at Campus HQ. We can then use just-in-time printing methods keeping overprints to a bear minimum, saving waste and helping to reduce excess clothing in the environment.

From printing to post

The timing of each printing method can vary. Digital printing takes about 10 minutes including the preparation, while screen printing can take up to an hour for small print runs.

In the height of the Graduation season, when we have most printers running and teams at various production stations, more than 1200, can be printed, front and back with additional personalization, in one day. We then pack the items and get them shipped out.

New technology

Campus has invested in new printing technology over the past year to offer more variety in the range, produce orders faster and improve the company’s ability to adapt going forward.

The new double head Pneumatic press has been installed in Campus HQ, which has resulted in the fine tuning of the printing process, ensuring it is right each time and allows the team to print at the touch of a button.

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